We aren’t your typical high school sweetheart husband-and-wife team….

We raised families before, loved, learned and rose again.

We healed deep wounds and we did the work and continue to do the work.

We’ve been through a lot of different and challenging experiences, learned what not to do, most of all, how to be brave, to try again and never be ashamed to say I’m sorry!

We took longer than most to find one another but our separate journeys home to one another taught us that true love and an amazing life is about celebration – celebrating everything big and small!

Your life’s milestones are creating memories that will last through the generations, ensuring that the amazing stories of love, family and friendship live on always in everyone’s hearts.

Maritday and I would love to guide you and your beloved in creating a ceremony or event that reflects perfectly who you were individually, and who you are now as we go through this creation process, together as a couple.

Lovingly crafted and photographed with care and attention to detail, preserving your most intimate and personal commitment for years to come.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Service