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OM Weddings will create a unique, personal and hand-crafted ceremony for you to celebrate and begin your life together. Rev. Maritday is an Ulster County native but has traveled and studied extensively on many cultures and religions; therefore, she has a unique understanding about many lifestyles, religions and beliefs.

She offers guidance, expertise and is known for her caring energy, tremendous knowledge of religious and non-denominational practices, professional, reliable approach and her ability to create a personal ceremony that, not only you but, all you loved ones will remember always.

When you come together as a couple, you bring different faiths, beliefs and forms of spirituality. Not these will be accepted by your families, the church or certain religions.  OM Weddings welcomes all people! We believe in the true meaning of One Love. Therefore, we welcome any person or couple seeking an Officiant, Celebrant, Minister or other services.

During the planning process, you work hard to choose all the right elements- venue, DJ, photographer, gown and tuxedo. You ought to have the same choices and options when choosing your Officiant. Rev. Maritday will make you feel completely at ease, in person and on the phone. You will have complete say, in the ceremony that is created for you, and she is open to any options or changes you want.

With OM Weddings, we give you all these options and many more.  You can be as hands on as you choose or leave it completely to Rev. Maritday. During the ceremony element writing process, if you wish, she can contact you for each element of the ceremony and for final approval on your ceremony.

Rev. Maritday officiates at weddings, ceremonies of all kinds- commitment, civil unions, vow renewals Baby blessings and Baptisms as well as funerals. Our services are not limited to any one location and may be performed traditionally or non-denominationally.

OM Weddings provides Non-Denominational Interfaith services to all people, faiths and traditions. Rev. Maritday is legally ordained into Priesthood through “The Sanctuary of the Beloved” an incorporated, Non-denominational Church in New York State and the United States, under Reverend Daniel Chesbro. She is legally licensed to practice in all of the United States! She is not ordained online…..  She is a New York State Licensed Aesthetician and Integrated Energy Therapy(IET) Master Instructor. She is a Licensed Officiant & Ordained Minister that not only can heal you spiritually, but also heal you physically through the power of touch.

We will do absolutely everything to make your day unforgettable. We aren’t just a business, we truly believe in love and the true meaning of marriage – TEAMWORK. Therefore, we accommodate all budgets. Our wish as you become a couple, welcome a new life, start a business or say goodbye is simply to make you think back and smile.

OM Weddings services New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington DC and beyond.


Reverend Maritday

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